April 2, 1939: Uncle Fred brought Carrie Blowers over this morning

Took two bu potatoes to Charles  $1.00 per bu  Uncle Fred brought Carrie Blowers over this morning   Carl & Margrute & Mabel came over 4 PM.  We ground & mixed 514 lbs starting mash cost $1.58  100 lbs.  Margrute took Carrie Ethel & Mother to Freds  Ethel went home with Carrie  Mother & Margrute got back 8 oclock.

April 1, 1939: drew out 3 load manure

Ed & Raymond drew out 3 load manure  L Hoyt and man came over with tractor  We buzzed up what wood I had.  got done 1:30.  Ed painted milk cans  R & I moved corn from in front of garage.  Ed got through working here tonight

May 28, 1936: got my licence this morning

I got my licence this morning.  R rolled barley & oats & west of garden than draged piece on east side.  I havent done any thing today. got grip.

April 29, 1936: Carl here ground grist

Rained last night & this morning.  I plowed 7 rounds AM & 14 in PM.  Carl here ground grist $1.56.  Joe & Bob went to Syracuse, Joe brought Bob back & went again.  I started ram tonight 950 PM.  500 20% feed $6.90

April 28, 1936: Joe came out late

I plowed in corn lot 32 rounds.  R done odd jobs.  Joe came out late.  got 500 20% feed $6.90.

April 27, 1936: plowed corn lot 31 rounds

I plowed corn lot 31 rounds.  PM R sowed grass seed in wheat that makes 2 times over, & will have to go over again, got in 2 bu now 7 acres.

April 26, 1936: finished putting up close line

I got [unreadable] of ice.  we made ice cream.  I finished putting up close line cross bars.

April 25, 1936: Dad Powers came after mother

Plowing corn lot.  R diging out trees north of house.  Dad Powers came after mother his granddaughter & a friend then were here for dinner, left after dinner.

April 24, 1936: R set 4 posts for close line

I finished plowing below garage & started in corn lot.  R set 4 posts for close line & started thaking out 3 cherry trees north of house.

April 23, 1936: Carl brought mother home 6 PM

I got 500 20% feed.  We took load manure out.  I plowed below garage.  Carl brought mother home 6 PM.  Joe out we played 500.